The world of TLGG may be small, but each of the faces that players encounter has something special to contribute. Spoiler-free previews of the main characters have been listed for your enjoyment; additional characters will appear and introduce themselves as the game progresses.

KaceyKacey is a 13-year-old girl with a wild imagination and a penchant for trouble. Unable to make peace with the oppressive boredom of her daily life – or her fellow students – she spends most of her free time daydreaming, retreating into the many worlds that inhabit her mind. Meeting Theo has given her a companion in her travels for the very first time, but it has also encouraged her to abandon reality more often in lieu of made-up worlds that understand and welcome her. Can Theo help her to balance her dreams with the real world… or will her imagination come between them?

TheoTheo is a 14-year-old boy that lives next door to Kacey. As the only child of his well-to-do parents, he has carried the burden of his family’s expectations for most of his life, despite an active imagination of his own. His eagerness to live up to their demands has made him a hard-working, successful, and determined young man, but the mounting pressure of his life often overwhelms him. Dozens of young ladies dream of catching the eye of the most eligible bachelor in junior high school, but Theo spends most of his limited free time with Kacey, indulging his sillier side. Can Kacey help him to remember his dreams… or will he sacrifice himself in the name of success?

MomMom is Kacey’s mother, which might be a blessing – or a curse! Her daughter’s antics have always brought a mixture of joy and frustration to her otherwise ordinary life. Though she has always hoped that her daughter would settle down and take her education seriously, she is aware of the difficulties that Kacey suffers at school, and sympathetic to her struggles. As far as she is concerned, Kacey’s budding relationship with Theo is a dream come true – but she never anticipated that Kacey would turn out to have what he wanted, too! Will Theo make an honest woman of her daughter… or will Kacey miss out on her best chance for happiness?

DadDad is Kacey’s dad – the only person in the known universe who could have been responsible for Kacey’s unstoppable imagination. His job as a writer inspires him to make up wild stories and share them with anyone who will listen. His unsinkable, outlandish spirit often rubs people the wrong way, but he is never without the words of wisdom and humor that Kacey needs to make it through the day. Though he would never admit it out loud, for fear of scaring off his daughter, he wants more than anything to help her defeat her demons – and to make sure that the romance in his midst finds the happiness it deserves. Will he get what he wants most… or will his story end in tragedy?