Game Controls:

  • Arrow Keys (Up, Down, Left, Right): Moves the character or menu cursor in the specified direction.
  • ENTER Key or Space Bar: Interacts with adjacent characters and objects. Also used to advance the text and select or confirm options.
  • ESC Key: Accesses the game menu. Also cancels out of menus or options. Unavailable during cutscenes.
  • F9 Key: Opens the debug menu. For RPG Maker veterans only! Spoilers may be found; peek at your own risk.
  • ALT-F4 Keys: Forces the game to quit to your desktop. Useful in situations where the game is broken or stuck in a bad state.

Menu Options:

  • Items: A list of items the party is carrying. You can use items from the list, or review their descriptions. Many items can only be used during battle with an enemy.
  • Skills: A list of skills that each character in the party can use. Most skills are usable only during battle with an enemy, but healing skills may be used from this menu at any time. Unlike many RPGs, skill usage is not limited; the game is balanced to assume you will use them always/often in most encounters.
  • Equipment: A list of items that each character in the party is wearing, and their effects on the characters’ stats. This game relies on set weapons and armor instead of finding new gear in the world, so visit this entry only if you want to see the fun descriptions for all the weapons and armor.
  • Status: A readout of each character’s statistics and a brief description of their role in the game. This is interesting if you’re a numbers person, but numbers people will not be impressed by my novice math. Read it for the descriptions, but otherwise not important.
  • Save: Saves your progress. This option is available at all times in Kacey’s home, or at one of the crystals located within the world. Make sure to stop by often!
  • Quit: Quits the game and returns to the title screen. Be sure to save before selecting this option to avoid loss of progress.