This page provides read-only access to the Google Documents that I use to manage the game’s known issues (aka my to-do list!) and the list of patch notes for the next release. If you’re having trouble with something, or you’re the sort of person that likes to keep up on the latest changes, this is the place for you. To prevent accidental exposure for testers, both lists have spoilers written in white text on a white background; those who have completed their game can highlight the text for visibility as needed.

Bugs and issues covered on the Known Issues page are in the process of being fixed. However, if you notice something that isn’t listed, please make sure I know so that I can add it! It doesn’t matter how minor something is; if it came to your attention, I’d like to know about it.

The following links will access the page of your choice:

Please bear in mind that TLGG is still in alpha release. I am actively seeking brave, intrepid, hardy souls to test out the game, report bugs, and provide honest, detailed feedback. As I have mentioned elsewhere on the site, I am a writer first and foremost, and coding/scripting is something that I am only starting to familiarize myself with; bugs and errors are going to be an unfortunate reality at this stage. I do my best to test the game in-house and locate issues before I release things (even in alpha form!) but there is only so much that one can do on their own – it takes a village to make things operate at peak excellence. Feedback and criticism on my writing work is welcome and encouraged as well, as I am always seeking to improve my craft.

If you are interested in testing the game, please contact me and let me know. I am keeping availability limited right now, to ensure that those who have access to the game in its current form are 100% aware of my need for testing and feedback. No good project gets off the ground before this process happens, and I’m eager to make sure it does happen for this project, as it’s one of the first times in recent memory that I’ve felt confident sharing something with the rest of the world. While I am not in a position to offer monetary compensation for your kindness, I am willing to include the names of testers in the credits for the game’s final release. I am also willing to return the favor by helping to test or edit others’ works-in-progress. I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate any time that folks spend on helping me make this project the best that it can be.